Recap: Swash & Serif Two

Swash & Serif Swash & Serif

This year was the second year that we hosted our typography show, Swash & Serif, officially making it annual! The first Swash & Serif was held in November of 2014 at Black Cat Artspace on Dundas West and was a huge success. This year, we returned there to celebrate another fantastic round of artists and designers and the great work they shared with us, and like last year, we had a packed house on opening night!

We had a great number of submissions again this year, and saw a lot of awesome newcomers. Some of this work was so great, we couldn't believe we had never heard of these people! The creativity and level of skill that everybody in the show had was just stunning. Just like last year, of course, we received the majority of submissions at the last minute. Typical. (Hint: start working on your 2016 submissions now!)

Swash & Serif

A lot of people thought outside the box in creating imaginative lettering and typography work. We had pieces ranging from the huge and heavy to very tiny, incredibly detailed pieces. Wood burning and laser cutting, screen printing, painting and original hand lettering were all well-represented, and the show also included embroidered work and hand made jewelry. We also included prices for each piece on the artist cards for the first time, to try and help designers sell their work; last year there was a lot of interest from visitors and we wanted to help start a conversation about making a purchase by having all the information up front. Last year, we had our first submission from outside of Ontario, but this year marked our first international entry: a piece from sign painter Scott Boms in California! Swash & Serif was born in Toronto but we're excited to see and share work from all over the world.

With the success of year two, we're already looking ahead at 2016 and thinking about how we can keep Swash & Serif exciting for regulars and newcomers alike in year three. More info will be posted online as we make plans, so keep an eye out. We're excited to make Swash & Serif an annual event for the Toronto design community and can't wait to see what everybody comes up with next year!

Swash & Serif

Thank you to all the people who participated in our show, we couldn't have done this without you.

Alley Kurgan Andrew Robinson Anthony Menecola Ben Weeks Benjamin Lory Brad Pyne Brendan Gore Brett Martin Brian Narayan Kare Cat Walrond Davin Risk Edisson Cajamarca Campfire Jason Jay Studio Jay Wall + LOKI Jesse Watson Jules Stacey Kiros Chu Lauren Holden L.E. Frost Mark Serrano Marta Ryczko Melanie Abernethy Merrill Liu Natasia Leung Rilla Fernandez Sam Johnstone Sarah Trafford Saša Djukić Scott Boms Simone Robert Tanya Roberts Tatjana Petkovic Thary Chhom Veronica Wong Walker Ballantyne-Maund William Robinson

Swash & Serif

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