Meeting Nº 18: Letraset Love Letters Recap

A little while ago, Ligatures received a very generous donation of Letraset from the wonderful Sharon Hart. The team sorted the huge collection of sheets into categories and set-up at Shopify, eagerly awaiting what creative and love-filled cards people would create. IMG_5724 image

Letraset came into existence in the early 1960's and due to its dry-transfer capabilities, designers were able to quickly create visualizations of concept work. It really revolutionized the way designers worked and created headlines and other work. To this day, Letraset still sells dry-transfer typefaces.


Photo 2015-02-10, 9 00 19 PMDespite the cold, there were a number of new faces that came out to our event. As this was a card-making session, a lot of quirky and fun letters began to appear. Some filled with love, others with ... well, sarcasm. There were hundreds of styles and sizes to choose from – it was a great opportunity to play with composition. The hardest part ... kerning! It really makes you appreciate how far we've come. Thanks, InDesign!

Photo 2015-02-10, 9 01 03 PM IMG_5748



As the night came to a close, it was fantastic to see all the cards come together and see the creativity that had blossomed throughout the evening. Even after a very busy night of transfers, we still had hundred of Letraset sheets in our collection. Stay tuned in the future for another Letraset event!

A big thank-you to Veronica Wong and the team at Shopify for hosting the Letraset Love Letters event.