March Meeting Nº5: Recap

All I can say to begin this recap is THANK YOU to all those Ligatures members that braved the weather and made it out to Coach House for our first ever movie night! With the snow blowing outside, we screened the documentary Linotype in the quaint library on the second floor to a full house. 1911804_10100570057339200_1302084046_n

The night started with a wonderful tour and demonstration by Kevin King. Kevin’s been a wonderful contact with this group and helped in organizing this great event. Coach House is lucky enough to own an authentic Linotype machine, which is proudly displayed at the entrance. Built in 1917, the machine wasn’t in working order, but it was still something to see in person and really set the tone for the movie we were about to screen.

photo 3

The film was filled with amazing and entertaining interviews with typesetters all around North America. From young to old, the fascination with type seemed to transcend the generations. It was great to see younger generations stepping forward to continue on the legacy that Linotype has created. One of the areas of the film that stood out was the discussion on the Linotype University, which offers various training programs to people interested. Organized and taught by Linotype engineers, there's actually a course coming up in the fall! Roadtrip?

I really don’t want to give too much away of the film but all I can say is that it is a really entertaining and educational film to check out. That being said, I think another big shout out needs to go to Ryan Edwards for helping us acquire the screening rights to this film. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make this happen. It was also lovely to see all those Ligatures members that brought along snacks & beverages to share with the group. Building a sense of community with the members has been wonderful and this movie night really brought us together. If you weren’t able to make this screening, don’t worry! We’ve got some more movie nights in the works for the upcoming summer months!

photo 4