Book Review: Type - History of Typefaces

With winter seeming like it's never-ending lately, I've found that curling away with a good design book to be a nice distraction. With that being said, I was given a lovely and thoughtful gift for my birthday the other month: Type - A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles. Broken down into two volumes, each book explores the dynamics of type from 1628–1938. With beautiful design, the books flow from period to period, giving beautiful examples of the print evolution. I hate to say it but really, this is type-porn at its finest. A great collection of type specimens, with a focus on ornamental type. Another main focus throughout the book is on the artistic printing movement. The books also come with a CD, which allows readers to download hundreds of unrestricted type specimens. Um, awesome? Take a look below for a sneak peek! If anyone wants to take a look at it in person, let me know and I'll bring it along to the next Ligatures meeting :)

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Although I found these volumes an enjoyable read,, did not. Take a look. It's an interesting read.

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