This past weekend, Ligatures was invited to participate in #100in1day. From their website:

What if hundreds of people united, each taking one small action to improve their city, all on the same day? 100In1Day is a global festival of civic engagement returning to Toronto for its second year on June 6, 2015. Imagine the possibilities for our city if hundreds of people united to participate in small initiatives to spark change. Share your vision for a better city.

We gathered in Forest Hill Village neighbourhood bright and early on Saturday morning to help Suzanne Long revitalize Bilton Laneway & community garden. Along with doing a bit of cleaning & weeding, Kyle & Christopher created a few hand-painted signs for the exciting new space. Check out some photos below.

FullSizeRender IMG_2129 IMG_2132 IMG_2152 IMG_2162 IMG_2165 IMG_7460IMG_7454 IMG_7457  IMG_7461

Thanks Suzanne for this great opportunity! We look forward to helping out more this summer!