Meeting Nº 21: Spring Show and Tell Recap

After a successful brush lettering workshop last month, the Ligatures team organized a Spring Show & Tell to showcase current work and to mingle with other creatives in the city. to start

The evening began with a preview of a short documentary, "Ink", directed by Ryan Couldrey & featuring the calligraphic talents of Tanja Tiziana. The short film, still in the final editing stages, explores Tanja's hand-lettering and some of her process work. Despite the decline of handwriting as a result of technological changes, the interest and relevance of hand-lettering is still alive and well. "Ink" was a wonderful way to open our meeting. We'll keep you updated on the progress of Ryan's film, and we look forward to sharing the completed documentary at a future event.


The rest of the night filled with discussion and opportunities to try new brushes that the Ligatures team had brought along. It was also a great chance to connect with friends – new and old – that had joined for the night. Critical Mass was kind enough to lend out its space – we maximized the opportunity by covering the tables with kraft paper & varying styles of markers and pens. Many different styles of lettering graffiti on the tabletops –  it was a great conversation starter.

Photo 2015-04-22, 8 51 29 PM





Photo 2015-04-22, 8 46 58 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 8 53 29 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 8 53 38 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 8 54 14 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 9 15 20 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 9 18 46 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 9 21 28 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 9 24 36 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 9 43 42 PM

Photo 2015-04-22, 9 45 30 PM

We also gave updates on a few of the upcoming events that the Ligatures team is working on:

  • We'll be hosting a "cardboard marquee letter-making" workshop on Saturday, May 16th at Shopify. More information coming soon.
  • Our Ligatures Lectures series will continue in June / July with a special guest speaker.
  • Due to the success of the previous brush lettering workshops, Toronto letterers Kyle Gallant and Chris Rouleau will be hosting another session in early August.
  • In keeping with the film festival spirit, we're looking to screen a type-related film in September.
  • The Ligatures annual type exhibition, Swash & Serif, will celebrate its second showing come October at The Black Cat Gallery.

More information will be provided shortly – please stay tuned to our website and social media.

Again, thank-you to all those participants that came out to our Spring Show & Tell. It was a great to see some new faces and reconnect with friends from previous events. Thank-you to Critical Mass and Margot Trudell for hosting the meeting, and for the ongoing support of the design community.