Brush pen workshop at Sid Lee

IMG_9589 Ligatures was recently invited to teach a 4-week brush pen workshop to the creative team at the award-winning agency Sid Lee. Over the four 3-hour sessions, instructors Kyle Gallant and Christopher Rouleau reviewed foundational brush pen techniques, the construction of letterforms, the basics of lettering composition, and the fundamentals of polishing and digitizing finished work. All participants at Sid Lee's Toronto office were supplies with paper, pens, ink & brushes to explore the exciting world of brush lettering.


IMG_9650IMG_4175 IMG_4254   IMG_4262 IMG_4263 IMG_4265


IMG_4351 IMG_4353 IMG_4355 IMG_4356   IMG_9592 IMG_9630 IMG_9636 IMG_9647 IMG_9648 IMG_9649   IMG_9654 IMG_9657 IMG_9668


Special thanks to Sarah and the entire Sid Lee Toronto team for their enthusiasm and hospitality, and for the lovely hand-lettered thank you card (above).

Do you want to bring Ligatures brush pen workshops to your agency or organization? Please get in touch!